For Driven Women Living With Hypothyroidism Including Hashimoto's
Discover How To Experience Abundant Energy, Razor Sharp Focus & Eliminate Anxiety Without Taking More Supplements, Following Strict Diets Or Feeling Like You’re Giving Up Your Life.
Hi! My name is Maria Tobelen and I’m a functional medicine practitioner. I’m also known as the hormone activator and life catalyst. 

Just like you I’ve had my share of struggles with hypothyroidism. With over 10,000 hrs of clinical practice and experience I’ve had the chance to experiment on myself and my patients what truly helps driven women like you SHIFT and MOVE the needle. 

Would like to know what that is? Ok Good! 

Here's the short version.

Most of my life I experienced palpitations, anxiety, moodiness and yes, lack of energy. And because I'm what you consider a type A, people would consider me "difficult". 

So, aside from dealing with my symptoms I had to deal with the labels I was being given. Difficult, moody, bossy, rebel. Sounds familiar? 

I always knew I would go into the health field. As my symptoms continued and I had no real answers from conventional medicine professionals I chose to go into the field of functional medicine. 

In 2005 I graduated and in 2007 I opened my private practice.

It wasn't until 2009 when my husband and I chose to start growing our family that I discovered I had Hashimoto's ( a form of hypothyroidism). So we both agreed and chose to put our family planing on hold until I got healthy. 

For 3 years I became obsessed with resolving my symptoms and condition, naturally. So I got on a supplement protocol, and started taking 20+ pills a day. I tested every month to see my progression. 

The result? 

My symptoms were resolved, I conceived and had an amazing pregnancy. 

But it wasn't until the day my son Matteo was born that I realized I had done it all wrong. 

You see, up until that day, I had lived my life on my terms. My thinking was very linear. If I do X  I will get Y. But it didn't happen that way with the birth of my son.

I had planned a home birth. Everything was planned to a detail.  What happened you may ask? 

My body didn't dilate enough. I gave birth to my son in a hospital bed.

That day I realized that although I had done "everything" from a physical health perspective, my mind and my heart needed healing as well. 

That day, I realized that no matter how many supplements I take or how clean I eat, or how much I exercise, if I didn't change how I think, feel and act I would never be truly healed. 

There had to be a better way.

That's when I had an AHA Moment, and my world shifted. I started developing a lifestyle that would be conducive to my values, not what the world wanted me from. 

When my husband and I decided to conceive for a second time, I took the NEW approach. 

The result.

In 2016 Victoria was born at home, just as I had dreamed of. 

This wouldn't have been possible if I didn't change how I think, feel and act. This new way of living became, The Enlightened Health Experience. 

My questions to you is, aside from your physical health, what area of your life is causing you emotional and mental stress? And do you have the tools and strategies to work through them? 

I invite you to checkout my new masterclass called "Heal Your Hormones Heal Your Life" to discover how you can finally regain your energy, mental sharpness while reducing stress and anxiety and finally feel like yourself again... 

Without obsessing about supplements and diets. 

Your Body
Your body is your temple. More exercising, more supplements, more testings and strict dieting is not the answer. If you want to experience abundant energy, a sharp mind and experience joy and freedom, knowing what makes your body GO is a must. Functional medicine allows us to dig deep into your physical health and determine the triggers of your symptoms. The question is, do you know what triggers your symptoms?  
Your Mind
All brains are highly unique. They only differ in how they’ve been conditioned and trained. That conditioning contributes 75-98% to your hormone healing or chaos. 
How you manage your mind determines how you feel. Re-wiring how you think is the FASTEST way to control how you feel and act reducing both emotional 
and physical stress. Do you have the tools and strategies to accomplish this?
Your Heart
95% of your behavior happens on autopilot. How you manage your mind determines how you feel. How you feel ultimately determines how you act. What if your feelings were something you controlled?  How would that transform your life?