Maria Tobelen Reviews

I'm The Holistic Thyroid and Autoimmune Mentor.

I had bacterial meningitis when I was 3 years old and somehow I survived. At that moment I knew (subconsciously) that God had a big mission for my life.

Then when I turned 14-15 years old and started menstruating all hell broke loose in my health. I experienced severe migraines on a daily basis that felt like if I had a tumor in my head, severe period pains that left me in bed for days, I had cystic acne on my face and that didn’t make me feel beautiful, body aches that made me feel old, I felt anxious, and that didn’t make me feel confident, depressed, and that made me isolate myself, I was moody, and that didn’t allow me to connect deeper with the ones I loved. I had horrible stomach pains that didn’t allow me to enjoy my food, and I could sleep for hours and even though I slept a lot I still felt exhausted and unmotivated and that made me waste precious time.

Even though I felt all that I was still functioning at a hi- level. After all I am a leader and a high achiever full of fire 🔥 inside of me, so that wasn’t going to bring me down. The problem was that I felt my fire was being diminished and redirected to burn (the people around me) instead of using my fire 🔥 to light up my world. I knew my body was off and that was not OK with me and I wanted a solution.

After visiting many doctors, brain scans, and more doctors all they could tell me was that “I was fine”, to just take this “pill (birth control)”. That didn’t make sense to me, so at the young age of 15 years old I made the decision to heal myself holistically. I knew that conventional doctors couldn’t help me ( I come from a family of conventional doctors-🤔) so I was committed to figuring out on my own how to heal naturally. I went to school to educate myself so that I can heal and help other women heal who are going through the same thing without REAL solutions.

It took me 16 years to realize that what I had experienced for sooo, sooo, sooo many years was called “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis”.

16 years of not functioning as my healthiest self, 16 years of heart ache and pains, 16 years of regret, shame and guilt, 16 years of disconnect, anger, resentment and fights. 16 years of Unproductivity. 16 years of loosing myself and not knowing who I was.

Ever since then I’ve been on mission to help liberate women from the chains of hypothyroidism and autoimmunity so that they don’t waste 16 years like I did of vitality, confidence, joy and freedom.

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Maria Tobelen is a board certified & licensed Acupuncture Physician in the state of Florida with over a decade and experience focused in functional medicine & clinical nutrition specifically in field of endocrinology and hypothyroidism.

Since 2005 she was in private practice in Miami, Fl . In 2015 she shifted her focus online to serve and impact more women and no longer consults in her private practice.

Her focus today is as a holistic coach and mentor to women leaders all over the U.S who are committed to overcoming their hypothyroidism and autoimmunity once and for all so that they can feel vital, confident, joyful and free through her signature program, The Enlightened Health Experience. Learn more