Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s is the physical expression of a body and mind that are in chaos.

Maria Tobelen AP

Maria Tobelen is a functional medicine expert who has overcome her own symptoms of hypothyroidism and has put her condition into remission using nothing more than science based natural methods.

With more than a decade of experience helping her clients all over the U.S she delivers the best transformational program to reverse symptoms of thyroid disease such as hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's through an intensive online program available to any woman in the United States. 

This is by far the best option to experience fast, complete and long lasting transformation specific to your hypothyroid disease.

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Diets, Exercise, Supplements and Meds Won't Help If You Don't Know Your Root Cause & Have A Personalized Plan For Healing

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Have you found yourself gaining those extra pounds around your waistline and finding it difficult to to lose them? 

  • Has your mood been a little off and you find yourself getting irritated often and easily? 

  • Do you feel bloated or constipated often?

  • Do you feel fatigued most days regardless of how much you rest you get? 

  • Has staying focused and remaining concentrated become harder lately? 

  • Is your hair thinning and you find that you are losing hair ? 

  • Do your joints and muscles feel achy?

  • Are you having difficulty sleeping?

These are all signs that your hormones & thyroid may not be functioning as they should and if this is true, eating "better" and exercising "more" will not help you.

As a matter of fact, you could unconsciously be creating more stress to your body which will fuel the symptoms you are trying to get rid of.

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Because they are trained to look for disease not wellness.

There is a time and place for conventional medicine and resolving hormone and thyroid imbalances is not one of them.
Here's why.

Hormone & Thyroid Imbalances are direct result of your body not functioning how it was intended. The downfall of conventional approaches is to look for disease and then match that to a medication or hormone therapy to correct the problem.
If this approach was true, not a single woman would have hormone or thyroid problems.  

Disease is not something you get but the body's loss of wellness. So rather than asking what's the right medication or surgery for you, what you should be asking is...
Where has my body lost function, and what must I do to restore its function so that it can regain wellness? 

When you answer that question you will soon realize that hormone and thyroid imbalances is a lifestyle disease that can only be corrected through personalized lifestyle medicine. 

What does this mean? Personalized lifestyle medicine is an art and a science.

  1. You want evidence. Hard data. But not just any data. You want data that tell you the whole story about body to see how it's functioning as whole.

  2. Strategy. Once you understand you want a solid strategy around nutrition & supplementation that will accelerate the healing process of your body with ease.

  3. Lifestyle. What are the habits that will have the greatest impact in your healing? This is the secret to experience the dream health you've been wanting.

  4. Support. Gone are the days where you ask for a consult, they tell you what to do and you are off on your journey alone. If you want fast results that make your life enjoyable and ultimately allows you to serve more and be of an impact to people in your life, you're going to want someone by your side that helps you avoid the pitfalls, provides clarity and relevant actionable steps specific to you and your life.